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waiver Information

We require all visitors who are participating in any of our activities to sign a waiver as, like with any high-intensity activity, it informs you of the risks involved. It also asks for a few things in return from you, as our guests, to keep yourselves, your group, and our staff safe. If participants are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver on their behalf.

The best way to sign the waiver is through your ticket confirmation as this will then attach it to your ticket. You can forward the email confirmation to all participants in your group and they can all attach to the ticket.


It is not possible to sign more than one adult on the same waiver form. If your group has more than one adult, each adult will need to sign separately.

Waiver group examples:

2 adults 2 children - one adult can sign on behalf of the two children with the other adult signing their own.

1 adult 10 children - one adult can sign on behalf of any number of children.

4 adults -  each adult will need to sign a separate waiver.

sign a waiver online

When booking online you will sign the waiver to complete the booking process. If you have not booked yet, we strongly encourage you to do so and sign the waiver before you visit us to avoid queues and delays on the day. Click the button below!

The Waiver is to make sure you:

Understand and agree to abide by our safety rules

Agree to follow any rules or advice from our staff on site

Agree to make sure that any children you are responsible for abide by our rules

Understand that you, and any children you are responsible for, participate at your own risk

Tuff Nutterz Staff
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