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We have tried to answer all of your questions here but if you would like to chat about anything else we haven't covered here, please contact us.



  • Suitable for all ages

  • Under 5’s require an accompanying parent/carer

  • We would recommend bring ages 2 and under to the 09:30 session as this is much quieter and will provide the young ones more space to explore and play!

  • Responsible adults MUST remain within the premises for all minors. 

  • Each under 5 ticket comes with a free parent ticket. This is the 'U5 + free parent' ticket option.

  • Participants of any age may have a carer with them on the course if it is required (ie. physical / mental impairment, SEN etc). This is the 'Any age (SEN) + free carer' ticket.

  • Waivers Must be signed by all participants on the course.

  • It is not possible to sign two adults on the same waiver so groups with more than one adult will need to complete more than one waiver form online.



  • Tickets can be purchased at the door, availability dependent. We suggest booking online to avoid disappointment.

  • Each U5 ticket includes a free parent ticket. Purchase the toddler ticket and an extra wristband will be automatically provided when you check-in at the event.

  • Only participants entering the actual inflatables need tickets. Spectators can remain on the premises without a ticket as long as they are not entering the games.

  • Group bookings can include toddlers. Hence,  have in mind the number of toddlers so you make sure you are not overbooking.




  • 09:30 - 11:15

  • 11:30 - 13:15

  • 13:30 - 15:15

  • 15:30 - 17:15

  • Times may vary depending on location, please check the schedule for a specific event on the event booking page.



  • Up to 24 hours before your scheduled start time, you can rebook onto another session in the same event (availability depending) or you can issue yourself a gift card to be used at any future events (this is not possible with tickets booked via Eventbrite so please email us directly).

  • For on the day amendments, please send us an email to with your booking details and we will endeavour to change it for you depending on availability for the day.



  • We won’t let wind or light rain stop the fun! For light rain, we recommend you bring a spare set of clothes. 

  •  Take extra care if surfaces are slippery for instance due to the weather. Please wear socks with grip tread soles. These are available for purchase as an add-on when purchasing tickets online (£2.50 per pair) or at the check-in desk when you arrive at the event (£3 per pair).

  • In the event of thunderstorms, heavy rain/winds or extreme weather conditions that could represent a risk we reserve the right to postpone, reschedule or cancel sessions or the event. We keep a close eye on the weather ahead of our events and will communicate any changes as soon as we can to ticket holders via email.

  • If an event session/day is cancelled/postponed on account of the weather, customers will be issued with a gift card to be used anytime in the future.

*ignore for indoor events



  • Grip sole socks are necessary (Tuff Nutterz grip sole socks available to purchase at check-in), water bottle (No glass), sunscreen, picnic blanket and some form of shade if needed.

  • Please bring your QR Code and signed online waivers, either on your phone or hard copy. Make your way to the ticket office to check in and get your wristbands. You can keep your wristband as a memento.



  • Lockers are not available at the event, but you can leave your belongings at the ticket office with our staff if needed.



  • We will have coffee, ice cream and yummy food available for purchase at our events.

  • You may bring your own food/drinks too. No alcohol is permitted.

  • No food or drinks are allowed on or near the inflatables. 

  • No glass is permitted on the premises for safety reasons.



  • Please bring your QR Code and signed online waivers, either on your phone or hard copy. Make your way to the office to check in and get your wristbands. You can keep your wristband as a memento.

  • Please ensure you allow enough time for the check-in process. We recommend at least 30 minutes before the start of your session.

  • Late arrivals can join at any time, however, the end of your session will remain the same, as your session booked.


Rules and conditions of entry

  • All participants MUST have a signed waiver before entry.

  • Under 5’s require an accompanying parent/carer at ALL TIMES.

  • Adults MUST remain within the premises for all minors.

  • No food, no shoes, no sharp objects (including keys), no glasses, no glass, no jewellery, no candy, no gum, no mobile phones, no pets, no smoking, no alcohol or drugs or being under the influence of alcohol/drugs/medication.

  • No running, please take your time, no rushing or rushing others.

  • Allow plenty of space for the person in front of you.

  • ALWAYS look up whilst climbing. Do not climb underneath someone climbing above you. People can slip and fall whilst climbing. Use straps while climbing and take one step at a time.

  • No climbing or hanging from outside walls.

  • Make sure the landing area is clear of all people before jumping or sliding. Jump ONE at a time.

  • The correct sliding position on the slides is to have arms crossed across your chest with feet and legs together.

  • If sliding with another DO NOT hold hands. Slide separately.

  • Do not slide down any area that has climbing handles attached.

  • No pushing or rough play.

  • Smaller children should always be given right of way.

  • No tumbling or flipping and no diving.

  • Tread carefully and show caution as the course is uneven and spongy.

  • The course is only for use during public opening hours when obstacle course staff are on duty.

  • Obstacle Course staff directions must always be followed.

  • No medical conditions (Heart conditions, pregnancy, etc).Maximum weight 95Kg.

  • You may hear a whistle or megaphone announcement meaning stop and listen, wait for instructions in case of an emergency.

  • Enter at your own risk

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